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Cloud Accounting Startup Wave’s Free Accounting Model Continues To Grow

Although there are many free accounting packages available to business owners these days, Wave Accounting seems to be the favorite pick among those who have tried various types of cloud accounting software. The real surprise is that such a successful system is offered for free. Wave uses other non-traditional means to generate revenue and so they are able to offer their core product to the public for free. Of course some of the products they offer do cost a subscription fee, such as their Payroll module, and the credit card module which is charged a per-transaction fee.

Wave’s first product, Accounting by Wave started in 2009 and their software is now used by over 200 countries. The accounting software is similar to traditional bookkeeping services in that it offers expense tracking, invoicing, banking services, etc. Wave has acquired new companies since its inception and now can offer Payroll, credit card transactions, receipt scanning and even applications for mobile devices. Wave also offers personal finance software to help individuals keep track of their day to day expenses. While some of the newer services offered by Wave does cost a fee, it is nominal compared to other accounting packages or having to hire a person specialized in Payroll, for example.

Every day more business owners are seeing the benefits of allowing their applications to exist in “the cloud”, rather than having to download and install programs directly to their computers. Cloud based accounting allows business owners to cut down on their cost of business as well as allowing users to become mobile, since the software is not loaded directly onto a hard drive. It could also help with computer performance issues since the “cloud” software is typically loaded onto a massive system with plenty of room which allows the systems to run smoothly and efficiently. The security of the data held on these types of systems is usually the best internet security to be found, since being able to secure the data stored is one of their key selling points. Also, a business owner never needs to worry about keeping the software up to date or other maintenance issues associated with on-site software packages. A business owner can scale-back or increase their user base at will, without worrying about individual user licenses. Cloud computing is not the wave of the future, it’s here now. More and more business owners are riding this wave to cost savings, ease of use and data security.

How Web Project Managers Make Everyone Else’s Job Easier

A project manager is the person that takes responsibility for and manages a given project, for example creating a website. A successful project manager will listen to the client’s needs and visions for their project, figure out the various resources and personnel needed to bring the project to completion such as programmers, graphic designers and content writers. The project manager will have the product tested for accuracy throughout the project and perform final testing before presenting to the client, and keep the client up to date as to where they are at and when the expected date of project completion will be. The project manager is the one who makes it possible for all of the other collaborators on a project to complete their jobs in a timely manner. In other words, the project manager is responsible for any given project from start to finish. It is a great benefit to anyone working on a large, complex project to have one person in charge to answer any questions that may arise.

Unfortunately if the person managing a project is unfamiliar with how to accomplish this task it could be a disaster. If a project manager fails to keep in contact with the clients, is unable to resolve issues with persons to whom they have assigned tasks or is unable to keep track of and keep on schedule their various projects, they may find that their project has failed to meet the needs of the client and the client will refuse to pay for the service.

Because of the large amount of responsibility placed upon any project manager they will usually be able to make a very nice living, usually in the six figure range. Choosing project management as a career path will more often than not involve getting a degree, and there are even degrees in project management specifically which show those interested how to keep budgets and cost analysis, how to resolve conflicts, how to plan large-scale projects, how to manage and motivate team members and risk management. There is also the Project Management Institute, which helps to further the careers of those interested in project management by providing learning centers, certifications and networking opportunities.

It is a given expectation that any complex project will involve a project manager. Anyone who has tried to bring a project to a successful conclusion will attest to the fact that a good project manager is one of the most valuable members that a team can have. A project manager will by the “go to” person when you need to know if a project is feasible, how much of a budget is needed for a particular project and who should be involved in the creation of a project. The project manager will shoulder the burden of being the one who takes the blame if a project fails to meet the objectives of the client, but can also be the hero when a project is brought to a successful conclusion and the client is happy with the end result.