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My early introduction to fishing and the evolution of my love for the sport

New, improved online fishing rules

I love fishing. I have loved fishing from when I was a young lad and I used to accompany my father on his fishing trips. At first when my father introduced me to the activity when I was around 12 years old, I though the activity to be a very boring activity. I imagined sitting on the water for long periods waiting for the fish to bite to be a rather dull affair.

Despite my reluctance to go fishing with my father, he insisted and finally I started going out with him to fish. During these initial expeditions, I discovered that fishing was much more than just sitting on a boat and waiting for the fish to bite. My father taught me many things about fishing that were quite exciting for me.

He taught me how to use the angling apparatus which includes the rod, line, and hook. He taught me how to bait the hook too. He taught me about the various types of fish that one could get in the water bodies that we visited and he taught me the best kinds of bait for each type of fish. Since we were mostly fishing for bass, I came to know the best kind of bait for bass fish including frogs, worms, and dragon flies.

I got to know more about fish too. Apart from knowing the different species of fish, I also came to know the characteristics of the different type of fish. I got to be an expert at predicting their behaviors including knowing the spots and times when I had a better chance of catching them.

My father also taught me to use some of the modern angling paraphernalia that is used today to make the fishing experience more efficient and convenient. He taught me how to use the baitcasting reel, the sinkers, and the floaters. He also taught me how to use gadgets such as fish finders. He however discouraged me from using the fish finders as he advised that these usually took out the novelty from fishing.

During our fishing escapades, we used a small boat that could barely accommodate us, the fishing tackle, our gear, and the captured catch.

When I was in my teens my father bought two kayaks that he managed to get at a bargain from an outlet that he found selling some kayaks cheaply. With this purchase, each of us could have a vessel to his own. It was a very thrilling moment for me since I had not used a kayak before. I realized the kayak was a much easier vessel to handle as compared to the boat we had been using.

Having a kayak to my own allowed me to go out fishing by myself. Since the kayak is an easier and safer vessel to use, my father was willing to allow me to go out in his absence. Fishing in solitary gave me a better opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of fishing. I came to love the experience even more.