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Love born aboard bobbing kayaks on rough sea waters

Love born aboard bobbing kayaks on rough sea waters

My wife and I are not only the best of friends, we are also a great team together. We have not been together for very long, just about five years. Our relationship begun when we met on a kayaking trip in the sea waters of our beach town.

We had never met her before. Kayaking helped us get together. I had been visiting the sea waters regularly during the weekends and I had got to know the waters along the beach pretty well. I had also got to know the recreational kayakers who frequented the sea waters.

When Sara came to live in the city after she got employed by a local company, she had been quite lonely especially since she did not have any person whom she was acquitted with in the town. At first she had spent some time with co-workers who were kind enough to show her around. Soon she however realized that most were drab and most of the time all they did was gossip about other people in the workplace. Her spirit was more adventurous than this.

On a tour of the beach, she had notices the kayaks and had figured that it could be fun going out on one. Her wild spirit led her to hire an old town vapor 10 kayak without any previous experience of kayaking. At least she had an eye for a good kayak. The old town vapor is relatively stable, safe, and maneuverable for a novice. It also provides a lot of room while still offering a lot of protection from the surf.

Getting on board was not a problem for Sara. She was also quite fast in learning how to use the paddles. Soon she was out into the open waters. Unfortunately for Sara, that day the sea was not very calm and it was a bit choppy. Paddling could be a bit tricky for a novice in such conditions.

Being familiar with most kayaking regulars on that coastline, I quickly identified Sara as a newcomer. I also quickly realized that she was not very experienced as she was clearly struggling against the tide. Her paddling was directly perpendicular to the tide and her kayak was just bobbing up and down without moving despite her enthusiastic paddling. Being inexperienced, she probably thought she was moving forwards due to the relative motion of the sea waves.

I approached her on my sit on kayak which I was paddling while standing. I was quite an experienced kayaker. I figured it wouldn’t hurt a bit showing off to the pretty blond having a hard time with her kayak.

Seeing me approach for a distance, Sara at first made like she was not interested, but when I got close and saluted her, she had to respond. I gave her my best smile as I went on to tell her that I realized she was new to the waters. When I explained that she was paddling wrong, she was clearly embarrassed and I could see her blush.

“How is it done?” were the first words I heard from her beautiful mouth. The first words that initiated our passionate enduring relationship that seems to go stronger each day.

Love born aboard bobbing kayaks on rough sea waters Credit Picture License: Sermenzina via photopin cc
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