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Kayak the perfect recreational vessel for the adventurous at heart

Kayak the perfect recreational vessel for the adventurous at heart

Kayaking is a great pastime. I love kayaking when I am out on vacation since it provides many advantages. One of the main reasons that I love kayaking is that I am able to enjoy a mutual activity with my wife while kayaking in tandem. Kayaking helps me to exercise my body, I am able to watch marine natural attractions, I am able to get a sun tan, I can enjoy the breeze and fresh air, and I can also fish from the comforts of a kayak.

There are several factors that make kayaks stand out above other watercrafts when it comes to its adaptability and conduciveness to adventurous activities.

Kayaks are made for easy maneuverability – Kayaks are vessels that were originally made by the Inuit people of Greenland. The Inuit are a people who greatly depend on water and its resources for survival. The waters that are accessible to them are however not very accommodating waters. The seas around Greenland are icy cold and often there are storms and gales that make them quite dangerous.

As such the Inuit people had to come up with vessels that could counter this problems.

Kayaks are also designed such that they can be easily steered in all kinds of sea conditions. Unlike other boats, the kayak is made to intimately conform to the body of the pilot. As such the pilot can use the body to steer the boat. The kayak is one of the few crafts where the solo pilot can readjust the capsized kayak and continue sailing.

The shape of the kayak is also such that there is less resistance while paddling forward, backwards, or while turning. Kayaks are also very stable in rough waters due to their U shaped hull.

Kayaks are designed for solo exploits – Kayaks were made as personal vessels. The traditional kayak was made to fit precise specifications of the owner. Many watercrafts are designed to be used by more than one person. Although some can be managed by one person, they cannot provide optimum performances when being handled by one person. For example a customary boat is more cumbersome to handle for one person than for two or more people.

This is the reason why many extreme individual water sports are performed using kayaks. A single person can get more speed and maneuverability while using a kayak than when using a customary boat.

Kayaks are better designed for easy portability The kayak is not a heavy or very large. The vessel has an average length of 8-15 feet. The weight can vary depending on the materials used to make it although much consideration is given to weight during the designing to ensure that the vessel is not too heavy. This makes the kayak ideal for carrying when going to different kayaking sites. Many kayaks have weights that can be easily managed by a single person.

Inflatable kayaks are available. These are kayaks that can be deflated and folded into a very small bundle that can be carried in a normal sized bag. Some of the rigid kayaks are made such that they can be folded or snapped into two or three smaller parts that are easier to carry around.

Kayak the perfect recreational vessel for the adventurous at heart Credit Picture License: Kayaking at Wyalusing via photopin cc
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