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Investing on a kayak resort on our inland ancestral land

Investing on a kayak resort on our inland ancestral land

I live on the flat lands of the country close to the ocean. Our ancestral land is a huge chunk of land that runs a few miles along a huge river that slowly empties its waters into the sea a few miles off. My great-great grandfather had been the first settler in these regions and he had taken up this land primarily to control trade from the natives who would bring loads of farm produce, game meat, ornaments, precious stones, and skins from the inland.

The trade had made my grandfather grow very wealthy and he had been able to start other businesses which eventually led to the growth of my hometown. Other businessmen and farmers came to the region and contributed to the growth of the town. My great grandfather took over the river trading business from my great – great grandfather although he was now dealing with more civilized people. The other inland business continued to boom as well.

When the railway line was built much of the river transport business came to a halt since most merchants then preferred to ship their cargo on the rail. My grandfather therefore saw the business dwindling and decided to start farming on the expansive estate instead. The estate was quite fertile and with the abundant water from the river, we were able to get much profit from the land. My father inherited the business and is doing quite well with the business. He is a natural farmer and he is able to always to manage the land to produce great harvests.

Growing up, I know that I am destined to inherit this business. It is a profitable business but I am thinking that the river can also be used in other profitable ways. The river is a massive water channel about a mile long with slow moving waters.

I am particularly thinking of introducing a recreational resort where people can come and kayak on the sluggish river waters. Kayaking is a famous activity in the country especially along the beaches. I am thinking that the spot could also get a lot of revenue from fishing activities.

This mighty river running parallel to our farm is filled with all kinds of fish. Fishing was the main activity that the river became famous for after the legendary river trade died off. Lots of fish can be found on the river but there are not many ideal spots for recreational fishing, especially since most of the land on either side is privately owned and not many of the land owners are willing to open up their land to the public.

Our land is however conveniently located. We are bordered by the highway on one side and the river on the other side. I am sure that we can spare a portion of the land for a recreation haven. From my financial projections, I am confident that the venture would rake in much more profits than the farming.

Apart from hiring out kayaks to tourists, I plan to include river water sports such as kayak races, swimming, fishing competitions, and rowing competitions.

Investing on a kayak resort on our inland ancestral land Credit Picture License: North Alabama kayak fishing via photopin cc
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