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I need to reduce my excess weight gained due to my unhealthy lifestyle

I need to reduce my excess weight gained due to my unhealthy lifestyle

I am not happy with my lifestyle. I am slowly becoming a fat slob and I hate it. I have never been like this before and I need to do something to get me back to my former self.

Paradoxically, things actually became good for me before I slid into my pathetic lifestyle. I got my dream job with a great pay and soon after I fell in love with a beautiful woman, the woman of my dreams; then I became fat.

I am a very talented programmer. I noticed my talent early and concentrated on it. After completing college, I joined a small firm where I was not happy since the company could not offer me the great challenge I needed to match my talents. However, my skills shone through and I was employed by a multinational gaming company. My dream came true. The pay was much more than I had ever expected and I was suddenly a rich guy. I vowed to work hard to repay the trust that the company had been bestowed on me.

Before I had started working for my current employee I had been a very active guy. I was always out engaging in some sports, parties, and all kinds of recreational stuff. I had a group of friends whom we loved to do all kinds of sporty stuff with. I remember we would spend weekends going off to camping trips where we would hike across great distances. At times we would go on kayaking trips on the country’s coastal waters or engage in river kayaking competitions. Whenever we were broke and could not afford an extensive trip, we would grab our bikes and go for long rides across the country.

These activities ensured that I always had a trim physique. Furthermore, during this time I did not eat much. I often cooked light food while at home or ate the light food prepared at the kitchen at the firm where I previously worked.

Fortunately or unfortunately my current job is very exciting and I love it very much. I love it so much that I devote almost all my time to it. Most of the weekends I am working and I am often working late into the night. As such, I can no longer have the crazy time with my friends. Then there is my wife.

My eating habits have greatly changed since I got married. My wife lovingly cooks lots of tasty food for me which she insists I must eat. We are also often out having dinner at sumptuous restaurants thanks to my big salary. The rich restaurant deserts, my wife’s generous food portions, plus my inactivity have led to a distinct transformation on my belly and waistline.

I need to do something about this excess weight and my lifestyle. I need to go back to working out. Unfortunately I cannot join my friends on the weekend-long escapades that include sports such as sea kayaking or cycling. I am seriously thinking of joining a gym where I can have a few hours every now and then to work off some calories.

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