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Going out on a kayak is my perfect way of relaxing and exercising

Going out on a kayak is my perfect way of relaxing and exercising

I love fishing. I like going out on the waters where it is quiet and calm and I can ran away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Living in the city at times make me feel like I have tones of pressure being applied on me. Therefore, whenever I can get a chance I to run off into the wild where I am alone with nature.

Being out in the wild is very refreshing for me. I love to breathe in the cool clear unpolluted air that is scented with natural aromas from aromatic flowers or from salty sea waters. Out in the wild I find that I am able to think more clearly and so I use this windows of opportunity to reflect on my life and to plan for my future. I find that going out on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to achieve this.

For a long time now I have been going fishing to a lake that is a few miles from the city. The lake is famous for its fish and calm waters. The lake is expansive and so there is no fear of being overcrowded by people or of overfishing. The lake is also managed by a governmental body that regulates the fishing, controls the traffic, and carefully screens the people before and after they go into the lake to ensure that the set regulations are adhered to so as to protect the fish and their habitat.

When I first discovered the lake I would go out with a few friends who also shared my passion for fishing. I still go out with them to fish although many times nowadays I prefer to go alone. I like the peace and quiet that allows me to meditate in tranquility.

During my solo escapades, I have learnt to use the kayak for fishing instead of the customary boat. At first, I had been apprehensive about using the kayak but after trying it I found it to be an awesome vessel.

A kayak is more ideal to a solo pilot due to its maneuverability. One can use the body to steer to steer the vessel. It is much smaller and hence one can move faster. I also like the comfortable reclining seat found in the kayak. One can change the position of the seat whenever they want to change the sitting posture.

Compared to the traditional sit-in kayak, I like the sit-on-top kayak because it allows me the option of standing on the kayak. This is not possible with the sit in kayak. Sit on top kayaks can also allow me to move around freely while enjoying the full effects of the sun on my entire body. Sit on top kayaks are designed such that they can accommodate a pet comfortably. Unfortunately the authorities at the lake where I fish do not permit pets on the waters.

There are times when I go to the lake not necessarily to fish but to exercise my body. I usually walk all the way to work in the morning and in the evening but I find that this does not help me exercise all my body muscles. Kayaking is a good way of working out my other body muscles.

Going out on a kayak is my perfect way of relaxing and exercising Credit Picture License: Sermenzina via photopin cc
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