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The Smooth Operators of 2015

Electric SkilletsIf you love making smoothies and experimenting with different flavours and ingredients, blenders are an absolute must-have appliance in your kitchen. Without a quality blender, your smoothies won’t be very ‘smooth’.

With the variety of blenders on the market today it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. Here are some of the choices available.

  • Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender: With more than 1500 watts of power, this blender can handle all kinds of foods, like apples and cheese. Of course it makes great smoothies too! This is one of the more versatile products on the market, but it is also one of the most expensive. It’s well worth the price, though, if you want it for everyday use.
  • Breville Hemisphere Control Blender: This multi-speed blender combines great price and great results. It can be used every day and produces great results every time. It is also very quiet, so you won’t wake the whole house up when you use it.
  • Cuisinart PowerEdge 1000 Watt Blender: This is the most powerful blender that Cuisinart offers and is at the top of the price range. The stainless steel promises durability and the sleek design will look great on any countertop. Versatile and practical, this blender will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.
  • Vitamix S30: This just might be the gold standard of blenders. Blend in a 40 ounce jug, or a 20 ounce travel mug if you’re on the go.

Electric skillets are another ‘must have’ appliance if you love cooking healthy food quickly and easily. They stow away in a snap and most come with easy to clean components. Here are a few of the most popular models:

  • Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet: If you’re short on space, this unit has the ideal solution. The handles fold down and if needed can be detached. This makes for a compact unit that can be stored just about anywhere. The ample frying space means you can cook for the whole family. The glass tempered lid allows for easy viewing and the non-stick coating means easy cleanup.
  • De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet: This model is only 15” but compensates over other models because of its even heating system. This model has venting holes built-in to the handle, which can be opened or closed, depending on what type of food you’re cooking.
  • Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet: While the flat cooking surface is only 11 inches, the dome-shaped lid allows for more substantial foods to be cooked, such as whole chicken or pork roast. That makes for a more versatile skillet that can be used for weeknight family meals or more elaborate dinner parties.
  • Cuisinart CSK-250 GreenGourmet 14-Inch Nonstick Electric Skillet: What sets this skillet apart from the rest is the quality of the non-stick cooking surface. It is not made with harmful toxins or chemicals, like some other non-stick surfaces. This makes it a good choice for the healthy-conscious cook.

When it comes to healthy cooking and small appliances, there are no substitutions for quality blenders and electric skillets.

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