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ACV for Your Face and Hair

apple cider vinegar 11

apple cider vinegar 11To give you confidence in applying this apple cider vinegar hair rinse to your head, it’s important you know a few basics about how the hairs on your head come into being. What we typically think of as “hair” is actually a two-part structure consisting of a follicle, which is a tunnel-like segment located in the skin, and a shaft, which is the visible structure that grows above the skin.

Just below the surface of the skin are sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum through the hair follicle. This oil lubricates hair and skin, and is part of the acid mantle – a very fine, slightly acidic film that maintains and protects the overall health of the hair and skin.

The acid mantle is also critical to our hair’s appearance, which – let’s be honest, is what we all really care about. The outer layer of the shaft, also known as the cuticle, is comprised of tightly packed overlapping scales. The acid mantle is instrumental in making cuticle scales lie flat, which gives hair a shiny, smooth appearance, and protects from moisture loss.

Unfortunately, this system can be easily disrupted, which is the primary cause of the ever-popular bad hair day. The acid mantle typically has a pH of around 5, which means it is slightly acidic. Many hair care products, treatments, and some shampoos are more alkaline (have a pH above 7), which can contaminate or remove the acid mantle.

To start my vinegar excursion, I headed out to my local supermarket to pick up my key ingredient. After spending less than $3 on this bad boy, I went home to wash my face like a bombshell actress.

Being that my complexion is more temperamental than my 16-year-old self, I like washing my face once before bedtime with lukewarm water. Eager to kick start the experiment with ease, I splashed some water onto my face as usual. However, once I substituted my foam cleanser for apple cider vinegar, all hell broke loose.

When you wash your face with straight up vinegar, it feels like a bit like one of those chemistry disasters that safety video warned you about in high school. Aside from the vinegar stinging my eyes more than once, the horrendous facial burn temporarily felt like that sunburn I once had after substituting sunscreen for olive oil. Yikes!

Although the burning sensation eventually subsided, I was totally tempted to dump the rest of the vinegar down the drain. Willing to keep trying the experiment though, I vowed to be much careful come tomorrow’s nightly wash.

Cleaning and Relaxing

pet hair

pet hairMost of the vacuums looked at so far are bigger than average. You may be looking for a smaller and lighter solution and hence we have added this section to highlight some of the top choices when it comes to those that are cordless and handheld. Although the larger, more “traditional” vacuums pack a great deal of suction and power, sometimes it is just easier to grab something light and easier to move around. The next sub-sections are what we feel are the top-3 choices for both cordless, and handheld that still are effective against pesky pet hair.

The Black + Decker Platinum BDH2000FL20-Volt is a lightweight and cordless vacuum which comes with a 4-foot hose which allows homeowners to remove embedded dirt. The vacuum cleaner is an updated version of the FHV1200 which relied on a Nickel Cadmium battery with a long charging time and a short battery life. Black + Decker Platinum BDH2000FL20-Volt has a battery that charges 6 times than older NiCad’s and emits more power.

With shark perfect II, pet hair doesn’t stand a chance. The vacuum comes with plenty of features that ensure that all the dirt and pet hair in your house is removed. These include a powerful, rechargeable 18-volt battery. It’s also cordless and weighs 4.8 pounds.

With its appealing flavor, white tea is fast becoming a favorite with tea drinkers everywhere. Add the many white tea health benefits into the mix, and you’ll want to keep this delightful tea on hand in your tea cupboard!

White tea is an antioxidant powerhouse. Because white tea leaves are processed only minimally after they are harvested, they hold onto most of their naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants are so important for good health – they protect us from free radicals, fight harmful inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, reduce our risk of chronic disease (like cancer and diabetes), encourage a healthy immune system, and much more.

White tea has impressive anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities, which means it can deactivate bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In fact, white tea is even more powerful than green tea in disarming bacterial viruses! White tea also kills the bacteria that cause plaque, tooth decay, and bad breath.

The health benefits of white tea include weight management. White tea has caffeine, which may enhance weight loss, and white tea’s high levels of antioxidants can help to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. Even better, research about white tea and weight loss has shown that white tea can prevent new fat cells from developing and encourage the breakdown of fat in existing fat cells, as well. (Just remember, if you’re thinking of adding white tea to your overall weight loss plan, be sure to check with your healthcare provider first.)

Staying Healthy all the Time


workout-clothes-7Workout clothes for women are HUGE business these days. I can’t be sure because I was just a baby, but I would liken it to the early 80’s when aerobics classes were at their peak of popularity. From what I’ve seen, there were spandex suits and tights everywhere. It’s kind of funny because we’ve, in many ways, come full circle. The tight, form fitting, fitness clothing is back and it’s very popular. Most of these clothes are compression clothing, meaning they squeeze your body. The most popular are the shorts and leggings. Have you ever wondered…

More Sustained Power

In a 2003 study, a volleyball team of women was asked to wear compression shorts while doing a series of vertical jumps. These were more like squat jumps because they would get into a squat position each time they jumped. They jumped 10 times straight with a 3 second rest between jumps. The compression shorts did not affect their power during the actual jump, but it did register more sustained power over the series of jumps. In other words, the girls kept their strength longer after more jumps.

The researchers believe this happens because the compression holds your muscles in place as you go through impact and power moves. With less body jiggle, your muscles are able to be recruited with more ease. I hope that made sense.

Rice Cookers

Rice cooker capacities can be confusing, as some manufacturers quote cooked capacities while others quote uncooked capacities. To make matters more complex, there are at least 2 “cup” sizes quoted by different manufacturers — 6 ounce and 8-ounce. Then there’s the complexity of serving size. Some people consider 1/2 cup of uncooked rice to be a one-person serving; others say that one cup of uncooked rice equals a serving. We’ll do our best to clarify as we go.

The manufacturer of the Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker considers one cup to be six ounces. Also according to the manufacturer, a cooked portion of rice is 1.5-2 times the volume of uncooked rice. Perhaps the best way to look at it is by what actual owners told us: this is an ideal machine for couples and small families. General construction wasn’t faulted by our survey respondents, and all the internal parts come out easily for cleaning. However, it should be noted that the rice tray is metal and doesn’t have a handle, so care should be taken when the tray gets hot.

In terms of capacity, the Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker is much larger than the Aroma and will produce from 4 to 20 cups of rice. It doesn’t really matter how Hamilton Beach defines cup size or whether they are talking cooked or not — in a nutshell, this machine will produce plenty! In fact, one owner complained that the only problem with the Hamilton Beach is that it’s not very good at cooking smaller portions of two to three cups.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Your Home

Apple Cider Vinegar 10

Apple Cider Vinegar 10Vinegar is a common household product that has endless uses. It can be used as a cleaning agent, in salads, and for many other reasons. While many products out on the market tout health benefits such as cancer reducing claims and weight loss magic, there is some promise as to what vinegar can do for health. While vinegar in high amounts can be tart to the taste, apple cider vinegar is a product that tastes great and can help promote health. Listed below are 18 of the best health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Solve an upset stomach

It happens from time to time when we eat something that simply does not agree with us. When this happens, a stomach ache ensues and causes pain and possibly gas. This is usually the cause of bacteria building up where it shouldn’t, which causes pain in the stomach region. If you are experiencing acute stomach pain and feel that it is not severe enough to visit a healthcare provider, then consider having some apple cider vinegar to ease the pain. The pectin contained in apple cider vinegar is known to soothe intestinal aches, spasms, and pain. The best mixture should include up to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with some water, juice, or apple juice.

  1. Eliminate pesky hiccups

Hiccups occur at some of the worst times and when they hit, it seems like they never go away. They are usually the cause of excess air in the digestive system, which your body is attempting to eliminate through muscular spasms. Fortunately, a full teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is great for alleviating this problem. It is possible that the strong acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps to prevent the spasms that cause hiccups, which will help reduce the risk of getting these unwanted spasms. Consider this for a household remedy for unwanted hiccups.

What Are the Benefits of Spirulina?

Spirulina provides a wide range of health benefits almost immediately upon ingestion. It provides a near-instantaneous boost to one’s energy, while helping to improve endurance and reduce fatigue. It helps improve the immune system, and provides exceptional support for the heart, liver, and kidneys. Spirulina is also a natural detoxifier, oxygenating the blood, and helping cleanse the body of toxins and other impurities that may be causing illnesses or other health complications.

Spirulina is also a natural appetite suppressant, and it helps to improve the body’s digestive system. It also has very powerful antioxidant properties and it helps to balance the body’s pH, thereby reducing inflammation throughout the body in a safe and chemical-free way.

Partners in Cuisine

Krups EA8250001 Espresseria

Krups EA8250001 EspresseriaIt takes skill, talent and patience to create a mouth-watering masterpiece in the kitchenbut it helps to have the right tools to work with. Food is more than life-sustaining – it brings people together in ways nothing else can. That’s why it’s so important to have the right appliances in your kitchen. It will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Guests will think you’re a professional chef and you will feel great knowing you are pleasing all who pass through your kitchen.  Espresso machines and small food processors are among the most important partners in your culinary needs.

With so many options for espresso machines, mini food processors and other kitchen appliances, it can be difficult to choose the one that fits your needs.

Espresso Machines

These come with many different options as well as a wide price range. Here are a few to look at that are reasonably priced under $300.

  • Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker: Weighing in at 16 pounds with dimensions of 12” x 12” x 15” mean this will fit on any countertop, coffee bar or island. Equipped with a 15-bar thermoblock pump, you can be assured that this machine will extract the full flavor out of every coffee bean and granule.
  • Gaggia 16100 Evolution Home Espresso Cappuccino Machine (Black): While this is a popular commercial model, it is also great for home use. This machine promises quick brewing because of its high-wattage, dual-heating element boiler. It also comes with a Perfect Crema device which helps to create just the right amount and texture of foam without your intervention.
  • Philips Saeco RI9366/47 ViaVenezia Espresso Machine (Black): This is one of the heavier models, at 20 pounds, but has several great features. This unit is equipped with a pressurized portafilter which allows for maximum flavor from each coffee ground and granule. The Pannarello steam wand enables you to froth milk, and also provides hot water for other beverages like hot chocolate and tea.

Mini Food Processors

Don’t let the word ‘mini’ fool you. These are space-saving powerhouses that can process most foods quickly and easily. Here are some of the most popular models:

  • Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor: With simple control buttons and a powerful motor, this small processor can handle almost any job. The parts are dishwasher-safe, making clean up a snap. It has a reversing blade that allows for more powerful processing.
  • Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004): This one is a cross between a processor and a blender. The versatility makes it a great buy if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruits, and comes with separate, interchangeable containers. The parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper: This is great for quick, small jobs but is not recommended if you have a lot of chopping to do. Simply place herbs, veggies or fruits on a cutting board and ‘slap’ your hand down on the handle to activate the blade.

Both espresso machines and mini food processors can become your best friends if you love to cook and entertain.

The Smooth Operators of 2015

Electric Skillets

Electric SkilletsIf you love making smoothies and experimenting with different flavours and ingredients, blenders are an absolute must-have appliance in your kitchen. Without a quality blender, your smoothies won’t be very ‘smooth’.

With the variety of blenders on the market today it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. Here are some of the choices available.

  • Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender: With more than 1500 watts of power, this blender can handle all kinds of foods, like apples and cheese. Of course it makes great smoothies too! This is one of the more versatile products on the market, but it is also one of the most expensive. It’s well worth the price, though, if you want it for everyday use.
  • Breville Hemisphere Control Blender: This multi-speed blender combines great price and great results. It can be used every day and produces great results every time. It is also very quiet, so you won’t wake the whole house up when you use it.
  • Cuisinart PowerEdge 1000 Watt Blender: This is the most powerful blender that Cuisinart offers and is at the top of the price range. The stainless steel promises durability and the sleek design will look great on any countertop. Versatile and practical, this blender will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.
  • Vitamix S30: This just might be the gold standard of blenders. Blend in a 40 ounce jug, or a 20 ounce travel mug if you’re on the go.

Electric skillets are another ‘must have’ appliance if you love cooking healthy food quickly and easily. They stow away in a snap and most come with easy to clean components. Here are a few of the most popular models:

  • Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet: If you’re short on space, this unit has the ideal solution. The handles fold down and if needed can be detached. This makes for a compact unit that can be stored just about anywhere. The ample frying space means you can cook for the whole family. The glass tempered lid allows for easy viewing and the non-stick coating means easy cleanup.
  • De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet: This model is only 15” but compensates over other models because of its even heating system. This model has venting holes built-in to the handle, which can be opened or closed, depending on what type of food you’re cooking.
  • Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet: While the flat cooking surface is only 11 inches, the dome-shaped lid allows for more substantial foods to be cooked, such as whole chicken or pork roast. That makes for a more versatile skillet that can be used for weeknight family meals or more elaborate dinner parties.
  • Cuisinart CSK-250 GreenGourmet 14-Inch Nonstick Electric Skillet: What sets this skillet apart from the rest is the quality of the non-stick cooking surface. It is not made with harmful toxins or chemicals, like some other non-stick surfaces. This makes it a good choice for the healthy-conscious cook.

When it comes to healthy cooking and small appliances, there are no substitutions for quality blenders and electric skillets.

The Kitchen Winners of 2015

Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure CookerIf there are two appliances that no kitchen should be without it would be vacuum sealers and electric pressure cookers. Both of these powerhouse appliances can save you money (and who doesn’t want to do that?).

Vacuum Sealer

One of the best ways to save money at the grocery store is to buy in bulk. But most people can’t eat 10 pounds of hamburger in a week (nor do they want to!) Instead, use a vacuum sealer to pack and seal portions to put in the freezer.

So why not just use freezer bags? They may be ok for the short term, but they are not an ideal solution for most foods. The key is to make sure that there is no air in the bags; if air is allowed to get in, the food gets freezer burnt. Once that happens the food has to be thrown away, as it will not taste right and could potentially contain harmful toxins.

A vacuum sealer solves that problem by sealing your food so that it tastes just as fresh from the freezer after two weeks as it did on the day you bought it. Here are some of the best models currently available on the market:

  • FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealing System: Its compact size and practical price make this a popular choice for consumers. Features include an easy-latch closure and a 5-year warranty.
  • FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System: This model is slightly larger but is great for sealing canisters as well as bags. Other features include a rapid marinade mode.
  • FoodSaverGameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit: This was designed with the hunter and sportsmen in mind. The press-and-release lever allows for hands-free operation when sealing game meat. It is also equipped with a built-in cutter and roll storage.

Electric Pressure Cooker

These appliances aren’t just for cooking up a mouth-watering rice dish. They can be used for just about anything including meat, vegetables and stews. These are great for making large batches of food and then freezing them (with your vacuum sealer of course!).

Here are some of the most popular models:

  • Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: This six-quart capacity cooker provides lots of space for cooking veggies and meat. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Other features include a cover lock indicator to show internal pressure.
  • Futura by Hawkins Hard Anodized 5.0 Liter Pressure Cooker: This cooker is available in various sizes and is known for durability even with consistent use. Features include a locked safety lid and a safety cool handle.
  • Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker: This has a large six-quart capacity and is designed to cook quickly without compromising on taste. Features include various pressure cooking settings and push button controls.

If your budget is limited and you can only choose one or two small kitchen appliances, vacuum sealers and electric pressure cookers should be at the top of your list. They are made to last and are sure-fire money savers on your grocery bill.

Sleep Your Way To A Better You

Sleep Your Way To A Better You

Sleep Your Way To A Better You

Then there are some individuals who are night owls and are not able to get up in the morning. Discovering good reasons to wake up early is the best way to start. Thinking about all of the things that you would be able to get done if you gave yourself an extra hour or even two. Giving yourself the gift of time can be reason enough to want to get up earlier in the morning. Going to bed a bit earlier will help you to wake up earlier. To get yourself sleepy, you can read a book or listen to some light music. This will get you relaxed before you go to sleep while also preparing your mind for sleep as well. Eating a heavier lunch and not taking naps during the day so you will be tired at bedtime.

Sometimes taking supplements such as melatonin will help you get a better night’s rest so you can wake up easily in the morning. This sleep aid relies on melatonin which is something that the body naturally produces to help you go to sleep. Older individuals sometimes have a difficult time producing melatonin so this supplement may be the best option if you have tried everything else. It is completely natural and it is not addictive.

Whether you cannot sleep at night or you maybe get too much sleep, there are ways to get you over those challenges. There are plenty of different products that can get you to sleep at night and help to wake you up in the morning.

Getting the right amount of sleep can also help with self-confidence and self-esteem. There are so many people who continuously suffer anxiety disorders and low self-esteem. It can keep them from doing the things that they used to love to do, or keep them from getting up out of bed in the morning. Many of these individuals feel hopeless and feel as if they will never overcome this obstacle. But there is help available to people who truly need it. You need to watch out for signs of low self-esteem and lend a helping hand when you are able to. Here are some of the most common signs that someone you love may have low self-esteem and what you can do to help.

People are constantly seeking the acceptance of others, it is typically a standard part of human nature. If someone is constantly asking what they look like or how you think of them, they are seeking that type of acceptance in others in order to boost their own self-esteem. These individuals are simply trying to receive a compliment, a gleam of hope, to make them feel better about themselves even if it is just for a minute.

Sleep Your Way To A Better You Credit Picture License: Man sleeping via photopin cc

A Toast To Detoxing

A Toast To Detoxing

A Toast To Detoxing

Alcoholism is a deadly disease that impacts millions of people. Not just the people who suffer from the disease but also their family and friends. It can be very difficult when someone you love is suffering, especially if they do not want to seek help. Your loved one may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but there are many benefits to quitting alcohol for good. Helping them to understand these benefits and what it could do for them in the long-term could be the key to saving their lives.

One of the biggest perks to taking alcohol out of your life is what it does for your body and your mind. Your mind will begin to clear and your body will begin to heal itself from the damage that has been done. It as little as two months your liver will start to heal itself and you will begin to notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and your overall health. You will now be free of disease which can be a really amazing feeling in itself.

While there are many health benefits to quitting alcohol, there are also financial benefits. In the long run you will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by not spending that money on alcohol. Your friends and family will start to see you as a real person again and have a new found respect for you and your decision to stop drinking alcohol. You will no longer have to worry about missing work due to a hangover or a binge, and you will start to feel better about yourself. You will also notice a big difference in your sex life, your ability to perform sexually, and you and your partner’s overall satisfaction.

If you have made the decision to quit alcohol you have made the right one. But how long does it take to detox from alcohol? It depends on the type of alcohol you are giving up and how long you have been an addict. It could be as little as a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the problem. You will definitely notice some physical symptoms of detox as well as some emotional ones such as irritability and sleeplessness. If you were just a casual drinker these symptoms may not be as strong or you may not notice them at all.

Alcoholism is a very serious disease and is nothing to take lightly. Making the decision to quit has the ability to change your life for the better for many years to come. You will be amazed at how much different you feel and how your life has significantly improved

A Toast To Detoxing Credit Picture License: Nikki’s blue drink (CC) via photopin cc

Weight Loss The Gadget Way

Weight Loss The Gadget Way

Weight Loss The Gadget Way

If you are an athletic individual, you know how important it is to run regularly. It will not only keep you in good shape but also keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy and strong. There are many different tools that you can use to help you have a better work out and get the most out of your daily run. Having the right tools, and even the right clothing, can make a big difference on the impact the run has on your body and even your mind. Keep reading to find out about some much needed essentials to get you ready for an awesome run.

Calorie Counters

There are many different calorie counters on the market for those of you who want to keep track of those pesky calories. You can even purchase calorie counter watches that keep up with the calories you burn as you are running. The best calorie counter watch on the market today is the Motorola MotoACTV. This calorie counter also has the ability to measure the pace in which you run as well as distance and how many calories you burn. This product is not only good for running but you can also use it for other activities such as aerobics and even yoga. It comes with a training portal which you can access online that will even create the best workout plan for you based on the recorded data.

The FitBit Flex is another good option if you are seeking a watch that counts calories. This product is for individuals who are looking to lose weight in a more traditional sense. It has the ability to create an estimate of calories you can burn by using information such as weight and gender. It does not have all of the added features that the Motorola has, but will help you track calories at a basic level.

Athletic Clothing

What you wear when you go to the gym to weightlift can make a big difference in regards to your work out. Here are some of the best shoes for weightlifting.

  • VS Athletics makes an excellent weightlifting shoe. It is quite affordable and has two straps made with leather that are able to handle heavy pressure and loads. They aren’t the prettiest things to look at but they are a weightlifting shoe after all.
  • Nike Romaleo 2.0 is another good choice for weightlifting. They are not heavy or very light but they are very durable and strong and will last quite a long time.


It is important to have all of the best tools and athletic wear when you exercise. You may not think it makes a big difference, but it can make a difference in health as well as your comfort.

Weight Loss The Gadget Way Credit Picture License: Loss weight in just 21 days,secret natural weight loss formula,3 week diet system. via photopin cc

Nutrition For The Tiny Life Within

Nutrition For The Tiny Life Within

Nutrition For The Tiny Life Within

Prenatal vitamins are crucial for a woman who is pregnant or looking to become pregnant. They keep the body healthy and strong as well as your unborn child. More often than not, women are not getting enough nutrition from their daily diet to keep themselves nourished and healthy. Continue to read to find out about the best prenatal vitamins available to expectant mothers and why they are so important.

There are many benefits that come with taking a prenatal vitamin while pregnant. What most women do not realize is that prenatal vitamins are much different than your typical vitamin. Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which assists with any neural tube defects that may occur in your child. These are defects that impact your child’s spinal cord as well as their brain. The iron that is in a prenatal vitamin helps prevent the mother from becoming anemic which can also deeply impact the baby.

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin D. These should not be used as a substitute for good nutrition. You need to make sure you are still maintaining a healthy diet. The calcium will be very helpful especially in your final trimester. Calcium helps to build your baby’s bones and keep them strong. It is crucial that you keep a lot of calcium in your diet including the prenatal vitamin. One thing prenatal vitamins do not contain are omega-3 fatty acids which you will find in fish. So make sure you keep fish in your diet if you are able to.

Iodine is something else that is typically found in prenatal vitamins. The greater amounts of iodine your body has the less hormonal you will be during your pregnancy. If you do not have the right amount of iodine intake, you run the risk of congenital hypothyroidism and even miscarriage or stillbirth. Vitamin D is also essential in expectant mothers. This also helps to keep bones healthy in the mother as well as the child. It also can prevent a painful pregnancy and childbirth.

It is important to talk to your OB-GYN before you begin taking a prenatal vitamin. They can typically prescribe you a vitamin that best suits your needs. If you are already someone who has a very healthy diet they can prescribe one that is built around that. There are some expectant mothers that will require more vitamins others, so always keep that in mind.

A prenatal vitamin can be crucial to you and your baby’s health. It can keep you at your healthiest while carrying your precious cargo, while also keeping your baby growing healthy and strong. Too much is not always a good thing so make sure you consult your doctor.

Nutrition For The Tiny Life Within Credit Picture License: Cindy & I via photopin cc

Dealing With Anxiety At Home

Dealing With Anxiety At Home

Dealing With Anxiety At Home

Fighting with anxiety can be extremely tiring and difficult to manage. Many individuals who struggle with anxiety on a daily basis have trouble finding treatments and medications that will help them through their daily activities without tiring them out and making them feel drowsy. The good news is that there are natural supplements for anxiety that you do not need a prescription for and can take regularly without harmful side effects. Keep reading to find out some of the best supplements for anxiety and even supplements that will help you boost your energy and keep you motivated throughout the day.

Kava Root

Kava root is a natural supplement that has been known to help individuals who suffer with daily anxiety. If you use kava root as instructed, it has the ability to help you feel more relaxed and causes little issues or side effects. It helps with relaxation of the muscles and also boosts your ability to think clearly but also rest easily. Before choosing this as a remedy for your anxiety do extensive research and always consult with your physician before starting any natural regimen.

Green Tea

There are many positive effects that green tea can have on your health as well as your issues with anxiety. Green tea helps to promote a healthy heart rate as well as a steady blood pressure which can calm you in times during heavy anxiety. You may have to drink green tea multiple times a day before really feeling what it can do for your anxiety. You could always substitute some of your other beverages throughout the day with green tea and you will feel much calmer and ready to take on the day.

Verilux Happy Light

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious condition that occurs during the different change in seasons and causes individuals to become depressed and have anxiety. It typically happens in the transition from summer to fall. Many experts believe that light can help these individuals when they are feeling sad and hopeless. The Verilux Happy Light claims to have products that do just that, provide light when there is none. It claims to boost energy, brighten your mood, and restore your focus. But how is that possible? Here is a quick Verilux Happy Light review to help you decide if it is for real or a marketing ploy.

Verilux claims that through light therapy Seasonal Affective Disorder can be reversed. You are supposed to turn on the light and go about your day as normal. You must place the light between 6 inches to 2 feet away from your face off to the side. There are levels of brightness and two different lenses. It is supposed to give individuals who feel depressed during colder, gloomier times, a feeling of higher energy, a better mood, and better focus throughout the day.

Dealing With Anxiety At Home Credit Picture License: Will I have to board the plane while my folks are asleep? via photopin cc

Lying Down To Stand Tall

Lying Down To Stand Tall

Lying Down To Stand Tall

You probably had no idea that you could do exercises to improve your posture. There are certain types of exercises that can help improve your posture as well as your back health. The best kind of exercises you can to do obtain better posture focus on strengthening your core muscles such as your abdomen and pelvic region. These exercises are going to make you work up a sweat but you will notice a difference in your posture as well as how your back feels on a day to day basis. Here are some of the exercises that will help you improve your posture.


Doing a crunch with a twist has the ability to work your obliques as well as your abdomen. You will lie down on the floor as if you are going to do a sit up. Put your hands behind your head and lift your right shoulder off of the ground and over to the opposite side. You will rotate sides with each crunch. This exercise works your abdomen which indirectly strengthens your spine as well as your entire back.

Planks and Push-ups

A plank is very similar to a push-up except you are placing your arms on the ground to do the pushing up and down. You are pushing yourself up and down while keeping your toes places firmly to the ground. The plank works the abs but also works the upper and lower back by strengthening the muscles. Push-ups are also good for your abs and your back, just not as intense. One of the benefits to doing push-ups is it helps to strengthen your shoulder region. It is also known to help your posture and you will start noticing a difference after doing them consistently.

Yoga Sit-Up

Yoga is one of the best ways you can strengthen your entire body including your back. One move that really does wonders for strengthening your back. The yoga sit-up is good for you because it works your abdomen and obliques while strengthening your core muscles. You must lay on the floor with your feet flexed and arms up. Exhale and pull your abdomen towards your spine and then reach your arms up off of the floor, then shoulders and head, rolling up until you are sitting straight up. That is just one of the many exercises in Yoga that your posture can really benefit from.

Exercising has a lot of health benefits that you probably never realized. Many people exercise simply to get in shape or lose weight, but it can also help with back pain and posture. Adding these simple exercises to your regimen can make a big difference in your overall health and life.

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Untreated Depression

Untreated Depression

Untreated Depression

Fighting depression is no easy task and requires the help of others to get through it. Depression is a serious condition that many individuals suffer from on a daily basis. It can be a trying time not for just the person who is going through it but also to their family and friends. Many people lose hope and have a hard time getting up out of bed in the morning. Some people find this easy to snap out of while others struggle regularly. The best thing you can do is be supportive to your friend or family member who is suffering. If it is you who suffers, seek help immediately. Here are some more tips on how to fight depression.

It is important to be able to see the warning signs and symptoms of someone who may be fighting depression. If you can catch the signs you may be able to help them more quickly.

  • Lack of concentration and ability to make decisions.
  • Tiredness and decreased energy.
  • Severe pessimism or hopeless feelings.
  • Unable to sleep, restlessness and irritability.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Physical pains such as leg pains, headaches, and cramps.
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Consistent sad and anxious feelings.

Many people often question the reason they are depressed and do not understand why. Sometimes it is a certain event that triggers it such as a death of a loved one or the loss of a job. Sometimes there is no trigger, it simply happens but it is very rare. Depression as well as other mental illnesses can be hereditary. If someone in your immediate family also suffers from depression your chances are much greater. If you are addicted to any type of drugs or alcohol it is also more common for you to feel depressed. Or you may use alcohol or drugs to cover up your depression. This is not a healthy way to handle depression and is often called “self-medicating.”

Sometimes there is no specific reason for depression to occur, but whatever the reason is, it should not be ignored and you should seek treatment immediately. Do not ignore the warning signs in yourself or anyone else.

If you or someone you love suffers from depression you should take it very seriously. It has the potential to destroy lives. If you catch it soon enough you might be able to save one. Talk to your loved one, keep the lines of communication open and make sure you stay in close contact. Even just a little bit of contact can make a huge difference. Make sure you also suggest that your friend or loved one seeks out therapy as soon as possible. This could literally be what saves their life.

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Cloud Accounting Startup Wave’s Free Accounting Model Continues To Grow

cloud accounting

Although there are many free accounting packages available to business owners these days, Wave Accounting seems to be the favorite pick among those who have tried various types of cloud accounting software. The real surprise is that such a successful system is offered for free. Wave uses other non-traditional means to generate revenue and so they are able to offer their core product to the public for free. Of course some of the products they offer do cost a subscription fee, such as their Payroll module, and the credit card module which is charged a per-transaction fee.

Wave’s first product, Accounting by Wave started in 2009 and their software is now used by over 200 countries. The accounting software is similar to traditional bookkeeping services in that it offers expense tracking, invoicing, banking services, etc. Wave has acquired new companies since its inception and now can offer Payroll, credit card transactions, receipt scanning and even applications for mobile devices. Wave also offers personal finance software to help individuals keep track of their day to day expenses. While some of the newer services offered by Wave does cost a fee, it is nominal compared to other accounting packages or having to hire a person specialized in Payroll, for example.

Every day more business owners are seeing the benefits of allowing their applications to exist in “the cloud”, rather than having to download and install programs directly to their computers. Cloud based accounting allows business owners to cut down on their cost of business as well as allowing users to become mobile, since the software is not loaded directly onto a hard drive. It could also help with computer performance issues since the “cloud” software is typically loaded onto a massive system with plenty of room which allows the systems to run smoothly and efficiently. The security of the data held on these types of systems is usually the best internet security to be found, since being able to secure the data stored is one of their key selling points. Also, a business owner never needs to worry about keeping the software up to date or other maintenance issues associated with on-site software packages. A business owner can scale-back or increase their user base at will, without worrying about individual user licenses. Cloud computing is not the wave of the future, it’s here now. More and more business owners are riding this wave to cost savings, ease of use and data security.

How Web Project Managers Make Everyone Else’s Job Easier

project managers

A project manager is the person that takes responsibility for and manages a given project, for example creating a website. A successful project manager will listen to the client’s needs and visions for their project, figure out the various resources and personnel needed to bring the project to completion such as programmers, graphic designers and content writers. The project manager will have the product tested for accuracy throughout the project and perform final testing before presenting to the client, and keep the client up to date as to where they are at and when the expected date of project completion will be. The project manager is the one who makes it possible for all of the other collaborators on a project to complete their jobs in a timely manner. In other words, the project manager is responsible for any given project from start to finish. It is a great benefit to anyone working on a large, complex project to have one person in charge to answer any questions that may arise.

Unfortunately if the person managing a project is unfamiliar with how to accomplish this task it could be a disaster. If a project manager fails to keep in contact with the clients, is unable to resolve issues with persons to whom they have assigned tasks or is unable to keep track of and keep on schedule their various projects, they may find that their project has failed to meet the needs of the client and the client will refuse to pay for the service.

Because of the large amount of responsibility placed upon any project manager they will usually be able to make a very nice living, usually in the six figure range. Choosing project management as a career path will more often than not involve getting a degree, and there are even degrees in project management specifically which show those interested how to keep budgets and cost analysis, how to resolve conflicts, how to plan large-scale projects, how to manage and motivate team members and risk management. There is also the Project Management Institute, which helps to further the careers of those interested in project management by providing learning centers, certifications and networking opportunities.

It is a given expectation that any complex project will involve a project manager. Anyone who has tried to bring a project to a successful conclusion will attest to the fact that a good project manager is one of the most valuable members that a team can have. A project manager will by the “go to” person when you need to know if a project is feasible, how much of a budget is needed for a particular project and who should be involved in the creation of a project. The project manager will shoulder the burden of being the one who takes the blame if a project fails to meet the objectives of the client, but can also be the hero when a project is brought to a successful conclusion and the client is happy with the end result.

Apple’s New Pedometer: An iWatch In The Future?

Apple's New Pedometer

As Apple continues to be the leader in innovative technology users are wondering when they will be able to purchase an Apple iWatch from their local retailer. With Apple’s latest patent they may be one step closer to making it happen.

The benefits of walking have been well documented. Walking can help with high blood pressure, controlling your weight and relieving stress. There are ways to calculate how many steps it takes an individual to complete a mile long walk, but using a pedometer is much easier. A pedometer is a device that is used to help with an individual’s fitness routine and in the past was worn on the trunk of the body. The trunk-worn device would track the movements of a person’s hips in order to count how many steps an individual would take on their walk. In the past the wrist pedometer has not been that successful in tracking a user’s movement due to the fact that when a person takes a walk their arms swing by their sides. This movement of the arm swing would interfere with the way a person’s acceleration is measured and would calculate false steps into the equation.

With Apple’s new patent, they have improved greatly the ability to track step detection while being worn on the wrist. This is not Apple’s first venture into this direction; the Apple iPod Nano has a built in accelerometer which measures acceleration. The accelerometer is available in both the 5th and 6th generation of the iPod Nano.